JULY 2019

12 | 21:00 


Rumba Attack 


Rumba Attack is a Cyprus-based group performing original instrumental material in their distinctive Flamenco-Rumba style, blended with sounds from Middle Eastern origins, Rock and Bossanova. During their live shows, they regularly feature guests including vocals, cretan lyra, trumpet, fute, saxophone and various percussion instruments, and they have collaborated with local dance schools.  

16 | 21:00 


Reggetiko Project 


Reggetiko Project is a musical meeting of very different music backgrounds. Its base is the fusion of folk elements, from jazz to reggae featuring Indian and Armenian music. They have released two albums, which they have presented in several festivals and venues all over the world. Most recently, they completed a tour in Cyprus, Germany and Italy (Ferrara Buskers Festival), while they recorded their third album with Milcho Leviev, the legendary 3-Grammy awarded jazz musician. 

18 | 21:00 


Ioannis Vafeas Trio 


Ioannis Vafeas Trio will present original compositions by Glafkos Kontemeniotis and other Cypriot composers, as well as songs from the international jazz repertoire. On this new musical journey, renowned drummer Ioannis Vafeas is accompanied by pianist Christos Gerolatsitis and bassist Michalis Messios. 

21 | 21:00 


Choral Crossroads  


Epilogi Cultural Movement of Limassol organises a summer camp that aims at offering young choral singers from Europe, Cyprus and the Arab countries, the opportunity to get acquainted with the choral music of each country represented in the international Ethno choir, and discover the similarities and the diversities of each other’s traditions and cultural heritage.  

22 | 21:00 


Havana Noche 


Α 6-member band transmitting the energy, enthusiasm and passion of Latin music. The band was formed in Cyprus by musicians from Cuba, Colombia and Cyprus by Contantinos Paouros. Their music is based on authentic Cuban music genres such as son cubano, salsa and cha cha cha. 

25 Ι 21:00 


Refugees for Refugees 


The band brings together renowned musicians from Syria, Tibet, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Belgium who are united by their desire to weave links through their music. The group has developed an original repertoire at the crossroads between their different traditions.  

Rialto Residency 28/7 - 1/8  


Coordinated by saxophonist Hayden Chisholm from New Zealand, this year’s residency will focus on wind instruments. The objective of the residency is to explore the technical capacity of wind instruments and their potential orchestration patterns and combinations within an ensemble. The residency will also focus on musical traditions in which wind instruments play a leading role, such as the music of the Balkans and New Orleans. 


Rialto Residency will take place in Lofou from the 28th of July to the 1st of August in collaboration with Windcraft Loud cultural association. To present their collective work, participants will give a concert  οn the 1st of August in  Lofou and later at Windcraft Music Fest.  

29 | 21:00 


Julie & Julia (2009 |123’) 


In 1948, American chef Julia Child accompanying her diplomat husband, move to Paris where she is drawn into the world of French cuisine. Fifty years later, 30-year-old blogger Julie Powell, decides to spend exactly a year cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s recipe book, and write a blog about her experience. With her new project, she attempts to fight depression and escape from her boring and uninteresting job. 

30 | 21:00 


Haute Cuisine (2012|104’)  


Hortense Laborie, a renowned chef, is astonished when the President of the French Republic appoints her his personal cook. Despite jealous resentment from other kitchen staff, Hortense quickly establishes herself thanks to her indomitable spirit. The authenticity of her cooking soon seduces the President, but the corridors of power are littered with traps… 

31 | 21:00 


The Trip to Italy (2014| 108’) 


Two friends are commissioned by The Observer to go on a trip to Italy and write their own restaurant reviews for the newspaper. Along the way, they enjoy lively conversations about life, love, work and exile. A culinary odyssey and a cultural trip, during which the two friends follow in the footsteps of important films and English romantic poets Byron and Shelley in Italy.