JUNE 2018

2 sat 20:30 (60’) 


Asomates Dynameis 


A piece about tolerance, compassion, spiritual quest. A journey of profound inner ascension, marking the pursuit of meaning and our desire to connect with ourselves and the other. Four people unfold their stories, leaving a mark of their own personal path. 


Within the framework of the Terpsichore 2018 programme for choreographic research and dance development of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. 

3 sun 20:30 (120’) 

Bang Bang  

Doros Dimosthenous, Lena Kitsopoulou 

Doros Dimosthenous joins Lena Kitsopoulou and 6 musicians on stage, in one of this season’s most promising concerts. Two contrasting, yet non-conflicting, worlds come together through songs, where the Greek cult music of the ‘70s and the ‘80s meets the iconic work of Elvis and Dusty Springfield.

8 fri 20:30 (127’) 18+ 


Andrey Zvyagintsev 


A film written and directed by awarded Andrey Zvyagintsev, renowned for his acclaimed films Leviathan and The Return. Borys and Zenia fight over the custody of their 12-year-old son. As soon as they realise that the young boy has gone missing, they call upon the authorities to find him.  The slow-burning mystery thriller that keeps the viewers nailed to their seats has won the Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2017.  


Cast: Maryana Spivak, Alexey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasilyeva, Andris Keishs, Alexey Fateev. In Russian with English and Greek subtitles.

11 mon 20:30 (77’) 

[N]emo Body  




Anne-Marije van de Bersselaar signs the dramaturgy of this piece, conceived by choreographer Joost Vrouenraets, who considers that dance is a spiritual vision transformed into a physical from. Five women embark on a pursuit of absolute perfection exploring the boundaries of their own physicality. An aesthetic world soon makes way for an absurd and disillusioned tableau of battle, pain and conflict.  

Dancers: Maïté Guérin, Francesca Imoda, Roshanak Morrowatian, Marika Meoli and Marcia Liu

15 fri 20:30 (80’)  
Meeting you was Fate


Théâtre du Corps Pietragalla-Derouault


In this show created by and for Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault, the choreographers deal with the memory that dissolves, leaving space for the memory of the soul. 

Meeting you was fate. It was an intimate journey, an exploration of the loving connection between two beings: a work about the present, the stability and change of feelings created by their own volatility. 

21 thu 19:00 (120’) 

Fête de la Musique 

@ Heroes Square  


Rialto Theatre celebrates the World Music Day and invites both the audience and artists of various music genres to a concert without boundaries. As an international language, music knows no limits or categories, bridging people and cultures with its melodies. Participates 

The Coop Band and Bertedes Plus. With the cooperation of the Limassol Municipality. 

22 fri 20:30 (90’)



Balletto di Roma 

The performance does not merely present a new version of the traditional story of Giselle, but rather a profound exploration of the madness of a young girl betrayed by her lover and the sepulchral result of her suffering in the underworld.  

This international production by Balletto di Roma is the result of partnership between Liquid Loft, Operaestate Festival and Civitanova Danza by choreographers Itamar Serussi Sahar and  Chris Haring | Liquid Loft. With the dancers of Balletto di Roma.

24 sun 20:30 (55’) 



Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company  


A fascinating journey of discovery, diving into the archaeological layers of Inbal Pinto's and Avshalom Pollak's collaborative work. In the depths of Pinto – Pollak’s fantastic universe, Ionesco's Chairs come to life in a dance, and the absurd instantly becomes reality. This is a comi-tragic encounter between characters in the search for an author and forgotten beings in a place that is nowhere and everywhere, creating a world made of broken dreams. 

Dancers: Almog Ben Horin, Zvi Fishzon, Marta Luiza Jankowska, Joy Kammin, Amit Marsino, Moran Muller, Thomas Walschot, Ofir Yanai, Dina Ziv.  

28 thu 20:30 (60’) 15+  



Onassis Cultural Centre Athens 

The choreography by Christos Papadopoulos aims to foreground the minimal, the ecstatic serenity, like that crack through which light enters before the splendour of the skies is revealed to us. Christos Papadopoulos focuses on the repetitiveness of kinetic motifs, on stage space clarity formed by lighting and action itself.

30 sat 20:30 (50’) 3+  

Zick Zack Puff  


Company Mafalda  


For the first time this year, the Festival introduces a performance for children. Mafalda dance company, from Zurich, directed by choreographer Teresa Rotemberg, fascinates the audience through its multi-layered worlds. Creatures with extremely diverse qualities meet in this dance piece. Through their joint experiences they slowly begin to realise that there is opportunity in diversity, if they join forces and complement each other 

Dancers: Diane Gemsch, Yamila Khodr, Fausto Izzi.