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January 2023

January 2023

4, 5 WED, THU 20:30 (90’) ON STAGE

Mouthpiece – Kieran Hurley | Ferefono Theatre Group (15+)         


A play by award-winning author Kieran Hurley, presented by Ferefono Theatre Group, for the first time in the Greek language. Directed by Maria Kyriakou and translated by Marios Constandinou. 

Cast: Melanie Steliou and Andreas Daniel.


Edinburgh. A random encounter. Two completely different people. Declan inspires Libby to start writing again. Libby gives Declan hope. Declan tells Libby his story. Libby gives a voice to Declan. And what happens next…


Set & costume design: Constandina Andreou

Music: Panos Bartzis

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris

Photographer: Demetris Loutsios


Tickets: €15 / 12 

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7 SAT 19:00 (150’)

The Seagull

National Theatre Live   


Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her West End debut in this 21st century retelling of Anton Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness. 


A young woman is desperate for fame and a way out. A young man is pining after the woman of his dreams. A successful writer longs for a sense of achievement. An actress wants to fight the changing of the times. In an isolated home in the countryside, dreams lie in tatters, hopes are dashed, and hearts broken. With nowhere left to turn, the only option is to turn on each other.


Following his critically acclaimed five-star production of Cyrano de Bergerac, Jamie Lloyd brings Anya Reiss’ adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic play to stage.


Filmed live in London’s West End with a cast including Tom Rhys Harries (White Lines), Daniel Monks (The Normal Heart), Sophie Wu (Fresh Meat) and Indira Varma (Game of Thrones).


With English and Greek subtitles.


Tickets: €12 / 8

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8 SUN 11:00 (60’)



The Heroes’ Square interactive soundwalk continues with more sessions taking place on a regular basis. A journey across time, an imprint of memory, an experience of sound and visual images in the framework of Rialto’s Associate Artist programme. 


A soundwalk around and across Heroes’ Square is dedicated to those people who lived it, are currently living it and who will experience it in the future. Stories from the past, monuments and buildings that have been changing over the course of time, as well as a glance at the future of the Square. The Rialto becomes the protagonist, a theatre that has been shaping a cultural identity and constitutes a significant chapter in the history of the emblematic Heroes’ Square. In Greek.


Free entrance (Booking in advance is required).


14 SAT, 20:30 (150’)

Thanasis Alevras, Fokas Evangelinos


Following his successful appearances in Fivos Delivorias’ TV show “Ta Noumera”, multi-talented Greek actor Thanasis Alevras presents on Rialto’s stage his debut personal music and theatre performance, directed by Fokas Evangelinos.


An autobiographical, intimate satirical music show inspired by his very own personal stories, as well as a tribute to Generation X.


Singers Idra Kayne and Jerome Kaluta will be joining the actor on stage, introducing the audience to a music show that spans four decades.


The texts were written by Eleni Gasouka, Foivos Delivorias, Yiorgos Pavrianos and Thanasis Alevras himself who also incorporated, in this performance, some of his older successful shows.


Arrangements: Antonis Skokos.

On-stage musicians: Euripides Zemenidis (guitars)

Alexandros Kouros (keys)

Thanos Michaelides (drums)

Yiorgos Bouldis (bass)

Christos Papadopoulos (clarinet)


Music supervision: Antonis Skokos

Directed by: Fokas Evangelinos


Tickets: € 25 /20


21 SΑT 20:30 (75’)

A tribute to Tania Economou

Marios Tokas Limassol Music School   


“Marios Tokas” Limassol Music School presents a tribute in memory of late piano teacher Tania Economou, one year after her passing.


The repertoire, which will be presented by teachers of the Music School, includes pieces written for piano, as well as compositions for ensembles that Tania Economou dearly loved and appreciated.


Tickets: € 5


22 SUN 11:00 (75’)

Spanos and the Forty Dragos | Antilogos Theatre (5+)


In the Cypriot folk tale Spanos and the Forty Dragons, Spanos is the laughingstock of the village: a young boy who hasn’t grown a moustache yet. Until he decides to kill the forty dragons who cut off the water supply causing shortage to the village. Using his wits more than his physical strength, Spanos manages to trick the dragons and kill them all.


In this stage adaptation by Alexia Papalazarou, two young children, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot, grow up in the same neighbourhood, with only a strip of no man’s land dividing them. They each play football separately until they become tired and fall asleep. In their sleep, the tale comes to life: will they manage to cooperate, beat the dragons and bring water back to the village?


Directing, stage adaptation: Alexia Papalazarou

On stage:  Vassilis Pafitis, Izel Seylani  

Linocut: Hambis Tsangaris


Tickets: € 10


22 SUN 20:30 (60’)

The Blacksmiths - Miloš Nikolić | Antilogos Theatre


Serbian Atsa has just discovered that while he was sent as a war prisoner, at Peter's blacksmith shop in Germany, his wife got pregnant with Ivan’s child, a Russian blacksmith. Having found out the truth about his son's paternity, he goes back to Germany, hoping to find a child of his own there. Inside a hardware store, the truth of three fathers and one mother unfolds in a comical and touching way.


Directed by: Neoklis Neokleous

On stage: Haris Kkolos, Panayiotis Kyriakou, Vassilis Pafits, Christina Christofia

Photo: Christos Avraamides


Tickets: €13 / 10 (students, pensioners, PwD)

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28 SAT 20:30 (45’) ON STAGE +16

en Attendant I Omada Pende  


Omada Pende, with Roula Kleovoulou and Chloe Melidou, take Rialto’s stage and test their patience by waiting for something that will never come…


Waiting is a basic “characteristic” of the human mental and emotional state. We wait in an irrational world, not knowing what the future holds.


The mortality of the human body, the futility of waiting, the lack and loss of communication, concerns and affects our human existence, as does the greatest fear of all… Death. 


Choreography: Roula Kleovoulou

Performance: Chloe Melidou, Roula Kleovoulou

Dramaturgy: Chloe Melidou

Music: Chris Cara

Visual installation: Andreas Antoniou, Elena Kotasvili

Costume: Pandelis Pandeli

Lighting design: Panagiotis Manousis


Tickets: €10 / 7

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29, 30 SUN, MON 20:30 (100’) ON STAGE

Women Walk Home | Project Season Women


What’s worth dying for? What is the duty of one generation to the generations that follow?  What does a heroine look like? Α new play created with the methodology of verbatim theatre, about the women’s marches organized by the movement ‘Women Walk Home’, whose goal was to fight for the human right of free movement in their own country. 


Text: Magdalena Zira and Nedie Antoniades

Directed by: Magdalena Zira

Cast: Nedie Antoniades, Sophia Kalli, Yiola Klitou, Zoe Kyprianou, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, 

Maria Hadjichristodoulou


Tickets: €15 / 13

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February 2023


3 FRI 20:30 (90’)

Celebrating Astor Piazzolla Ι Carel Kraayenhof Quartet 


With the performance 100 years of Piazzolla, the musicians of the Carel Kraayenhof Quartet honor their musical idol Astor Piazzolla, on the occasion of his hundredth birthday.

For bandoneonist Carel Kraayenhof, Astor Piazzolla is a musical godfather, a true hero who has influenced and shaped his whole life. From that first moment in that hotel room, when Piazzolla asked Kraayenhof: "Play me something, boy", the love was mutual. The life of the great Dutchman with his Argentinian heartbeat will forever be linked to the genius Argentinian Maestro. As the father of the tango nuevo, Piazzolla personally invited Carel to solo in his Tango Apasionado. Kraayenhof's performance at the Dutch royal wedding left many people deeply moved by Piazzolla's melancholy and powerful music.

If Carel is Piazzolla's musical child, then bass player Jaap Branderhorst and violinist Bert Vos are his grandchildren. Pianist Juan Pablo Dobal, from Buenos Aires, also had a warm relationship with Piazzolla's music at a young age. He accompanied Amelita Baltar, Astor's lover and first interpreter of his ballads and songs.

These four tangueros have been traveling the world together for more than 10 years, with their Sexteto Canyengue and the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble. They also recorded eight CDs together. They have now formed the Carel Kraayenhof Quartet especially for this concert programme. In 100 years of Piazzolla, instrumental treasures alternate with colourful personal stories from Carel and his musical compañeros.


Quartet: Carel Kraayenhof (bandoneon), Juan Pablo Dobal (piano), Jaap Brandenhorst (doublebass), Bert Vos (violin).


Tickets: € 20 / 15

03.02 100 years piazzolla.jpg

4 SAT 20:30 (138’)

André Rieu in Dublin


Start 2023 in style with André Rieu in Dublin. Exclusive to cinemas, this celebratory concert is the best way to welcome the new year!


André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will delight you with romantic melodies, popular classics, party tunes and beloved waltzes. André Rieu in Dublin is the maestro’s first recorded concert in the Irish capital in more than 20 years – a truly special event not to be missed.


Bring your loved ones to your local cinema and enjoy an evening of music and dance on the big screen with André Rieu. 


Director: Michael Fizzano, André Rieu

Cast: André Rieu, The Johann Strauss Orchestra

Tickets:€15 / 10


6, 7 MON, TUE 20:30 (75’) 

Drama International Short Film Festival on the Road 


The awarded Greek short films of the annual Drama Short Film Festival travel to dozens of destinations every year, including the cities of Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Pafos. The screenings are co-organised by the Cultural Services of the Deputy Ministry of Culture, the Rialto Theatre and Drama ISFF, in collaboration with the Friends of Cinema Society Nicosia, Pafos House of Arts and Letters, Larnaca Cinema Society and Limassol Cine Club.


The following films will be screened: Daphne (Tonia Mishiali), Yama (Andreas Vakalios), Pendulus (Demetris Gkotsis), To Vancouver (Artemis Anastasiadou) , 5 PM Seaside (Valentin Stejskal), Tokakis or What’s my name (Thanos Tokakis), Toxic Magnus (Nasos Gatzoulis), Not tomorrow (Amerissa Basta).


With English subtitles.


Free entrance (Booking in advance is required).

DISFF Travels 2022 Poster 68x99.png

9 THU 20:30 (90’)

Papafigos – Sotos Oritis | Dionysus Theatre


Papafigos is a Cypriot comedy based on Giovannino Guareschi’s Don Camillo adapted for stage and translated in the Cypriot dialect by Sotos Oritis.


In a small village in Nicosia, the inhabitants are getting ready for the upcoming community elections with tensions escalating since the result is most likely predetermined. Right-wing candidate Haritos claims the office of the community leader against his opponent, leftist Peponias. Convinced that he will most likely lose, Haritos devises and implements various tricks with the help of the church, also dragging along Papafigos, the otherwise honest, fair yet hot-tempered community priest. Similar tricks are also devised by the wing supporting Peponias who happens to be friends with Papafigos and was saved by the latter during the bi-communal conflict.


The unpredictable events and comic situations are quickly alternating, with Peponias being elected president of the community. However, amidst the rivalry and hostility between the two sides, a great love will be born between Peponias’ son and Papafigos’ adopted daughter, that will lead the two sides to reconciliation.


Written by: Sotos Oritis

Directing/Music supervision: Christos Yiangou

Set/Costumes: Thelma Kasoulidou

Lighting design: Yiorgos Lazoglou

Cast: Varsia Adamou, Loukia Protopapa, Yiorgos Anayiotos, Christos Yiangou, Stelios Martas, Christopher Greco, Yiannis Kokkinos, Manolis Michaelides, Christina Christophia.


Tickets: €15 / 12 (pensioners, students)


10 FRI, 20:30 (90’) 

Orchestra4All 2 Ι Cyprus Symphony Orchestra  


Conductor and composer Alkis Baltas creates a musical backdrop with excerpts from classical works for the novels Taxi life and The saxophone player by Kostas Lympouris from his novel collection Others of ours (Cyprus State Award for best Novel in 2015). 

In his collection, Kostas Lymbouris describes the lives of people from other countries residing in Cyprus in a very exciting literary way. The novels Taxi life and The saxophone player describe the life of two foreign musicians, a double bass player and a saxophone player. In this concert, the novels will be recited by well-known actor Irodotos Miltiadous, accompanied by the CySO under the direction of Alkis Baltas, featuring distinguished soloists Nicos Ioannou (double bass) and Yiannis Myralis (saxophone).

Alkis Baltas: Others of ours: Taxi life

Alkis Baltas: Others of ours: The Saxophone player


Nicos Ioannou (double bass)

Yiannis Mirallis (saxophone)

Irodotos Miltiadous (narrator)


Tickets: € 8 (Free entrance for people with disabilities) 

CYSO panoramic 11.22 - widescreen.jpg

15 WED 20:30 (90’)

The Gamblers – Nikolai Gogol | THOC New Stage


One night, in a provincial Russian town, an experienced gambler and notorious cheat arrives at an inn, looking for his next victim. There, he encounters over eager employees and a group of fellow card sharps who persuade him to join them. Unfortunately for him, he will end up being the loser in a game of deception in which it is impossible to tell a fraudster from an honest dealer.


Gogol began writing his comedy between 1832 and 1837, it was published in 1842, and first staged, albeit in a censored version, in 1843. As the writer satirically uncovers the dark corners of the human soul, everything is a frenetic game of masks and disguises, in which the lines between truth and falsehood, honour and infamy, and sincerity and hypocrisy are blurred and indistinct.


Director Maria Varnakkidou enters into its satirical spirit, identifying truths that resonate to this day and highlighting the decay that lies at the heart of the human condition.


Translation/adaptation: Yiorgos Koutlis
Directed by: Maria Varnakkidou
Set/Costume design: Constantina Andreou
Movement: Lia Haraki

Music: Panos Bartzis 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris
Assistant director: Loukia Pieridou
Photos: Panayiotis Mina


Cast: Petros Yiorkadjis, Antonis Katsaris, Klitos Komodikis, Marios Konstantinou, Yiannis Minos, Yiorgos Christoforidis.


Tickets: €12 / 6 


17 FRI, 20:30 (90’) 

Piano Recital with Yiannis Georgiou


Acclaimed Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou will present an exciting recital programme with distinctly different classical musical styles.


In his recital, the virtuoso soloist will be interpreting works by the great masters Scarlatti, Debussy, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. 


A musical journey through contrasting languages, landscapes and means of expression. 


Tickets: €15 / 12 

yiannis georgiou_Boyana Loizou photo1.tif

18  SUT 19:00 (180’)

Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare

National Theatre Live 


Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) and John Heffernan (Dracula) lead the cast in William Shakespeare’s romcom of sun, sea and mistaken identity.


The legendary family-run Hotel Messina on the Italian Riviera has been visited by artists, celebrities and royalty. But when the owner’s daughter weds a dashing young soldier, not all guests are in the mood for love. A string of scandalous deceptions soon surround not only the young couple, but also the adamantly single Beatrice and Benedick.


Following his award-winning productions of Romeo & Juliet, Twelfth Night and Antony and Cleopatra, director Simon Godwin returns with this irresistible comedy, broadcast live from the National Theatre stage.


With Greek and English subtitles.


Tickets: €12 / 8

18.02 NTL 2022 Much Ado About Nothing - Listing Image Landscape 1240x874px.jpg

19  SUN 11:00 (60’)



This interactive soundwalk around and across Heroes’ Square is dedicated to those people who lived it, are currently living it and who will experience it in the future.


Curated by Maria Varnakkidou and Konstantina Andreou.


In Greek. 


Tickets: € 5


20 ΜΟΝ 20:30 (70’) ON STAGE

The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Maria Karolidou Theatre Group


A story consisting of entries in the journal of a young woman who appears to be suffering from postpartum depression. Her husband and doctor spirits her away to an old summer mansion in an attempt to cure her of “temporary nervous depression – a slight hysterical tendency”, a common diagnosis for women of that time. Confining her in the children’s room, he forbids her from doing any creative work, also imposing her a strict dietary and medical treatment, in addition to electrotherapy. He also deprives her of contact with the rest of the family members, including her baby.


Gilman’s text is a feminist manifesto against the oppression of women and a sharp critique of the patriarchal society of the late 19th century. The author boldly highlights issues such as women’s mental health and the stigma of mental illness, confinement and the imposition of control over the female body, the oppression of women through married life, the devaluation of female identity, women’s lack of freedom of speech, the exclusion of women from work and intellectual creation.


In Greek.


Adaptation, translation, directing: Maria Ioli Karolidou

Set design, projections: Anna Fotiadou

Costumes: Maria Georgiou

Sound design: Yiannis Koutis

Movement: Elena Antoniou

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris

Poster: Anna Fotiadou

Photos: Dimitris Loutsios

On stage: Antonia Charalambous


Tickets: €15 / 12


24  FRI 20:30 (90’)

Motown goes Latin – Carnival at Rialto / On stage 


Motown and Soul music put on a Carnival costume and dress up into Salsa music for a special Carnival night. Seven renowned talented musicians from the island of Cyprus meet on Rialto’s stage to celebrate Limassol Carnival in their own unique musical way.


A special concert with well-known songs from Motown and Soul music genres rearranged by Giorgos Morfitis into a Salsa and Samba dance frenzy.


Vicky Anastasiou (lead vocals)

Elias Ioannou (trumpet)

Charis Ioannou (ten. saxophone)

Antreas Theocharous (trombone)

Giorgos Morfitis (piano & arrangements)

Rodrigo Caceres (electric bass)

Rodos Panayiotou (drums)


Tickets: €12 / 10

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