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April 2023

3 MON 20:30 (60’)

5 Lesbians eating a quiche I FlashArt 2023 I ON STAGE


Written by Andrew Hobgood and Evan Linder, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche premiered in the Greek language in the framework of theYard.Residency in December 2021, directed by Evita Ioannou. After 23 sold-out shows in both Limassol and Nicosia, the 5 Lesbians are presenting one final show at Rialto Theatre just before their new run in Athens in May 2023.

Set in 1956, the women of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein share a motto: ‘no men, no meat, all manners’. The five women, all self-described as widows, gather every year for a quiche competition. They all share a rather unusual passion for quiche, they love it more than anyone else who says they ever loved quiche. The five women meet in a church basement, which is also a bomb shelter, for the 1956 annual quiche breakfast competition. But the competition is abruptly disrupted when a nuclear explosion puts an end to the outside world. The five women may be the only surviving members of the human race. Stuck in the basement, they must confront their greatest fears, as well as their sexual identity. A black comedy with numerous absurdist elements. All for the love of quiche.


Writers: Andrew Hobgood & Evan Linder

Director: Evita Ioannou

Creative advisor: Constantina Peter

Cast: Nayia Anastadiadou, Niovi Charalampous, Yiolanda Christodoulou, Loukia Pieridis, Elena Kallinikou

Translation: Anna Demetriou

Set Design: Eleni Ioannou

Costumes: Alexandra Petsetakis

Lighting Design: Martinos Thalasetis

Graphics: Andonis Moushis

Makeup: Melanie Christou

Hair: Sophia Demetriou| riahairdesign

Production Assistant: Armando Diego Aparicio

Photos: Nepheli Papadaki

Producer: Centre of Performing Arts MITOS


Tickets: € 15 / 12


6, 7 THU, FRI 20:30 (75’)

An Oak Tree - Tim Crouch I ON STAGE 


The Oak Tree is an actor’s worst nightmare. Every night, a different guest actor walks on stage without having rehearsed, nor seen nor ever read a word of the play they are going to present.


Together with Marina Argyridou, the actors Andreas Koutsoftas (6/4) and Lia Haraki (7/4) co-star in a daring theatrical challenge where the boundaries of reality are becoming constantly blurred.

Directed by: Andreas G. Andreou.


In Greek.

Tickets: € 15 / 12

6+7.4 Η Βελανιδιά.jpg

8 SAT 20:30 (90’)

Tribute to Famagusta 


A narrated performance set to music, a journey across occupied Famagusta and its history.


A selected repertoire of songs will be accompanying the narration through a heart-warming presentation of the history of Famagusta, reviving images and memories from the “regal city”.


With the participation of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot musicians.


Artistic supervision: Michalis Grigoriou

Narration/Texts: Petros Mandralis


«Epilogi» Cultural Movement Choir (Limassol)

«Othello» Polyphonic Choir (Famagusta)


Tickets: € 15 / 12 

1080X1080_FINAL CHOICE_C6-01.png

9 SUN 11:00 (90’)




This interactive soundwalk around and across Heroes’ Square is dedicated to those people who lived it, are currently living it and who will experience it in the future.


Curated by Maria Varnakkidou and Konstantina Andreou


In Greek. 


Tickets: € 5

9.4 Περιπατω.jpg

9 SUN  8:00 & 20:00 (70’) ON STAGE

Before the German’s - Marta Barceló Ι HAMM Broductions


A modern stage play on Alzheimer’s disease, directed by Costas Silvestros, who paints on a “blank canvas” the unique universe of his heroine. Acclaimed Cypriot actress Popi Avraam takes the lead, accompanied by upcoming young actor Andreas Koutsoftas, who plays multiple roles penetrating in the heroine’s daily life.


Julia is a woman in her sixties who has long understood that something is not right with her memory. The medical exams confirm Julia’s suspicions: she suffers from Alzheimer’s, the same disease her mother suffered from. It is only a matter of time before she completely loses her personality and no longer recognizes her own sons.


She therefore decides to take her health and life into her own hands, trying to solve the problems emerging due to the disease, and settle any unfinished business with other people and institutions. She eventually decides to make a list setting out all those things that she really wishes to do while she is still able to make decisions for her own life. Her greatest wish is to enjoy every precious minute before the “German” occupies her mind forever.


Written by: Marta Barceló Femenías

Translation: Maria Hadjiemmanouil

Directing: Costas Silvestros

Cast: Popi Avraam, Andreas Koutsoftas 

Set/Costumes: Yiorgos Yiannou

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris

Music: Constantinos Lemesios

Assistant Director: Loizos Papageorgiou

Production coordination: Marios Mettis 

Production: HAMM Broductions


Tickets: € 15 / 12


10 MON 20:30 (100’)

At Frynihou street… | Thodoris Voutsikakis, Lina Nikolakopoulou


Radio station LOVE FM 100.7 presents a musical show by Lina Nikolakopoulou featuring Thodoris Voutsikakis that has been greatly embraced by the Athenian audience at the legendary theatre Theatro Technis. 


Thodoris Voutsikakis “converses” with Neoklis Neofytides (piano) and Vangelis Machairas (oud and mandolin) presenting an exquisite repertoire. Modern and classical Greek songs that are dear to our hearts, as well as inspirational songs from the Italian and English music scene, having powerful lyrics and delightful melodies all give the well-deserved space and time to the song.


“The world’s beauty and soul

fall like rain upon my chest.

Like the beginning of a Spring”.

Lyrics from the second album collaboration between Thodoris Voutsikakis (music)

and Lina Nikolakopoulou (lyrics) titled Beautiful Life.


Thodoris Voutsikakis: singing

Neoklis Neofytides: piano

Vangelis Machairas: oud, mandolin, lute


Artistic supervision: Lina Nikolakopoulou

Set: Angelos Mentis

Sound design: Yiorgos Michaelides – Panayiotis Terzis 

Lighting: Maria Venetaki

Photos: Evangelia Thomakou

Production coordination: Anastasia Tamouridou


Tickets: € 25 / 20


21 – 29  FRI – SAT 20:00, 22:00 

Cyprus Film Days 2023 (18+)


The 21st Cyprus Film Days International Festival presents an eclectic programme of films in Limassol and Nicosia including an international competition section (Glocal Images), world-acclaimed film premieres (Viewfinder), Cypriot productions, tributes and screenings for children and youth, as well as multiple other events, dedicated to fiction feature films.


Artistic directors: Argyro Nicolaou and Marios Lizides.


Cyprus Film Days also presents CFD for Children and Youth curated by artistic director Stavros Pamballis, as well as the 4th Dot on the Map Industry Days, a co-production, education and networking platform, organised in collaboration with AGORA Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece. Dot on the Map aims at encouraging film collaborations and synergies between producers, directors and screenwriters from Mediterranean countries. Head of Dot on the Map: Danae Stylianou.


Organised by: Deputy Ministry of Culture – Cultural Services & Rialto Theatre.


All films will be screened in their original language with Greek and English subtitles.


Tickets: €5 /30 (Festival pass)

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