World Music at Rialto Open Air - July 2020



Entelea is an experimental project based on the Eastern Mediterranean music having its own unique style and approach. The three renowned musicians, fully conscious of their (aesthetic) limits, they know exactly what they want to present. Their skills, knowledge and experience correspond to structures that have been based on the development of a variety of melodies, with apparent lyricism, but also improvisational freedom. The compositions of Spyridakis, Koutis and Karapatakis are not simple in their conception or form: with Eastern elements, their music is carefully mixed with Western influences, acquiring a broader dimension as it evolves. The three musicians will presented their own compositions, as well as arrangements.


Musicians: Gabriel Karapatakis – Bass Zacharias Spyridakis - Cretan Lyra Giannis Koutis Outi/Kithara


Odysseas Toumazou Trio Feat. Kouloumis, Philippou

Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a band formed in Cyprus, based on the work of guitarist and composer Odysseas Toumazou. He recently completed the recording of his first studio album titled Ensticto, which has been described as "truly authentic and powerful, with a personal sound in a clear guitar trio".


Odysseas Toumazou is accompanied by Giorgos Koulas on drums and Andreas Rodosthenous on electric bass, as well as Michalis Kouloumis (violin) and Vassilis Filippou (percussions, voice) as guest musicians.



The “Electric World” features 7 musicians from Cyprus who presented new material by Ermis Michail. This electro-acoustic ensemble, including vocals, two saxophones, trumpet, electric guitar, electric bass and drums, delivers a programme of original compositions, as well as arrangements of folk music from Cyprus, Greece and other neighbouring countries. Having their backgrounds in jazz, the group keeps an open-minded attitude and experiments with different sonic flavours, blending the elements of modern western music and world music. The group approaches the pieces as a vehicle of improvisation combining effect units with acoustic and electric instruments, creating an ambient but energetic vibe with powerful atmospherics.


Musicians: Ermis Michail - electric guitar, compositions Vasiliki Anastasiou - vocals, Charis Ioannou - saxophone, Marios Charalambous - saxophone, Elias Ioannou - trumpet, Andreas Rodosthenous - electric bass, Andreas Stefanou - drums


RIALTO Residency

The 8th Rialto Residency, which took place in Limassol due to the pandemic, were coordinated by Cypriot saxophonist and clarinettist Giorgos Krasidis, in collaboration with Arte Music Academy, and focused on the influences of world music into jazz and vice versa. The residency aims at unravelling different music traditions such as those of Greece, Cyprus, Africa, New Orleans and Ireland.


Musicians: Simos Tziakouris – tenor saxophone, Alexandros Krasides – alto saxophone, Aris Kyriakides – baritone saxophone, Theodoros Vlachos – guitar, Ariadne Papantoniou – bass, Frangiskos Petrides – drums



Larva draws inspiration from Cypriot folk melodies and rhythms merged with Western musical elements. Adopting a new approach that revisits tradition, the band performs its own original compositions with influences from the world and jazz music genres. Larva transforms ideas that emanate from the past into contemporary sounds, in an entirely new format; just like the metamorphosis of larva in nature.


Larva presented some of their own compositions and arrangements of Cypriot Folk songs influenced from world and jazz music. The project aims to express a personal musical identity by transforming ideas that emanate from the past into contemporary sounds, giving a completely new format in their style of music. Marios Menelaou joined the duo as a guest, on electric bass.


Musicians: Vassilis Philippou - piano, percussion, ney, voice, Alexis Kasinos - guitar, Guest: Marios Menelaou - bass


Monsieur Doumani

The group presented songs from their 3 studio albums, as well as a few songs from their new album.


Multi-award-winning group Monsieur Doumani was formed in 2012, in Nicosia, Cyprus. Coming from different musical backgrounds, but influenced by Cypriot tradition at various levels, the group composes Cypriot songs that draw inspiration from contemporary Cypriot society, as well as from the shaky condition of our era. The original identity of the project was determined by the adaptation of Cypriot traditional pieces, with a special contemporary colour in sound and mood, forming a style distinctively their own. Their live appearances in festivals and venues across the world (WOMAD, WOMEX, Sziget, Rudolstadt, Havana World Music Festival, Sur Jahan-India, Paradiso, MUPA) have been well received by diverse audiences and their music has been presented on radio and TV stations around the world. They received many awards including the "Best group award" - Songlines Music Awards in 2019 and the critics’ award - Andrea Parodi World Music Awards. Monsieur Doumani have released 3 studio albums, which gained them worldwide recognition.


Musicians: Antonis Antoniou - tzouras, vocals, Andreas Skordis - guitar, vocals, Demetris Yiasemides - trombone, flute

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