Like a cat on a highway

Italy, 2017 (100')  

Two diametrically opposed characters are forced to spend time together when their teenage children fall in love. The girl’s wealthy father is an avid supporter of social integration in Rome despite his lack of interest in meeting any of its residents, while the boy’s mother lives in the suburbs of Rome, carries a baseball bat at all times and lives with her two kleptomaniac sisters. A smash-hit comedy that is both hilarious and relevant to our days. Presented as archetypes, the main characters symbolise the entirely opposite social classes of Rome and their moral perspectives.


Directed by: Riccardo Milani

Cast: Antonio Albanese, Sonia Bergamasco, Claudio Amendola, Paola Cortellesi et al.


Smuggling Hendrix

Cyprus, Germany, Greece, 2018, (93’)


Yiannis’ plans to leave Cyprus are put on hold when his dog, Jimi, runs away and crosses the UN buffer zone that divides the “Greek” from the “Turkish” side of the island. Since animal exchange between the two “sides” is prohibited, Yiannis reluctantly joins forces with a cast of unexpected characters to smuggle him back. This internationally-awarded film that received the Grand Prize of the Tribeca Film Festival, draws inspiration from the bitter reality of divided Cyprus, giving a delightful parable about life’s unpredicted daily troubles.

Cast: Adam Bousdoukos, Faith Al, Vicky Papadopoulou, Ozqur Karandeniz

Director & Screenplay: Marios Piperides


La Belle Époque

France, 2019, (115’)


Victor and Marianne live in an estranged marriage. He has completely abandoned himself and she has been treating him with contempt. Seeking a way out from his emotionally hostile present, Victor gets a chance to travel back to his own youth, in 1974 at La Belle Époque, the famous French bistro where he first met 20-year-old Marianne, the girl who took his breath away and changed his life for good. A charming and witty French comedy about a man who travels back in time to relive the special moment that transformed his life.


Directed by: Nicolas Bedos

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet, Doria Tillier, Fanny Ardant et al.


Siege on Liperti Street

Greece, Cyprus 2019, (88’)


Located at the UN border dividing the Greek from the Turkish Cypriot side, the film captures the story of a family living on the verge of poverty and hunger, with the unemployed husband and father, an ex-military, struggling to get by. Confronted with his fragile soul, he has the support of his wife who desperately tries to take care of her old father-in-law and her two young children. In addition to the national and financial crisis, the debt-ridden family is also confronted with the contempt of the public services, which seem to ignore the father’s dismissal from the army due to psychological problems.


A tale of twists combining elements of police, action and social drama genres, “sprinkled” with a good dose of humour. Awarded with five prizes at Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Siege on Liperti Street is having its Cyprus premiere at Rialto’s summer cinema.


Direction: Stavros Pamballis

Actors: Constantine Markoulakis, Daphne Alexander, Akilas Karazisis, Niovi Charalambous


And Then We Danced

Georgia, Sweden 2019, (105')


A social drama portraying the story of a young dancer who will risk his future in the National Georgian Dance Ensemble when he meets Irakli: the handsome and gifted dancer will awaken forbidden feelings in him and make him confront the conservative society of his country. Set against the graceful rhythms and dances of Georgia, the film premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight of Cannes Film Festival and received multiple awards for its beautiful storytelling, as well as for the outstanding performances of its cast.


Directed by: Levan Akin

Cast: Levan Gelbakhiani, Ana Javakishvili, Bachi Valishvili et al.


The Brand New Testament!

Belgium, France 2015, (112')


God exists! He lives in Brussels and He's a real scoundrel. A tyrannical force in the lives of the masses, He drinks, smokes and spends his time tormenting humanity. His younger daughter has had enough of her Father's abuse and her lockdown, and she decides to “come down” to earth, and offer people a new way of living: a Brand New Testament. This multi-awarded fantasy dark comedy, that is both hilarious and surreal, was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Foreign Language.


Directed by: Jaco Van Dormael

Cast: Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve et al.


Small White Envelopes

Cyprus, 2018, (93’)


Mishellis, a small-time crook in his late thirties, is in an urgent need of money to repay his gambling debts. After a failed wedding robbery attempt he tries a more indirect approach where he impersonates a wedding planner in order to steal the money-stuffed envelopes brought as gifts to the wedding of an upper class family. In the process, he ends up a bit closer to his clients than he originally planned.

Written & Directed by Soteris Christou

Cast: Christodoulos Martas, Antonis Katsaris, Polyxenie Savva, Popi Avraam, Constandinos Lyras, Theodoros Michaelides, Marinos Hatzivasiliou, Marios Mettis, Valentinos Kokkinos



France, 2018, (102’)


Following a municipal decision, the SDF Homeless Women's Shelter, will close down. Social workers have only three months to reintegrate the women they care for at any cost: with falsification, string-pulling and lies. From now on, everything is allowed. A feel-good comedy making a poignant social commentary with a good dose of humour, in which many of the main characters are played by former homeless women who are not professional actresses.


Directed by: Louis-Julien Petit

Cast: Audrey Lamy, Corinne Masiero, Noemie Lvosky, Deborah Lukumuena Adolpha Van Meerhaeghe, Sarah Suco, Brigitte Sy, Pablo Pauly.

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