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Ido Tadmor
Thursday June 28, 2012
15th European Dance Festival
Entrance: €5 | €20 for all the performances (valid for both Limassol and Nicosia)
Free admission for students and dance professionals
15th European Dance Festival closes with the “Ambassador of Dance” Ido Tadmor from Israel with the pieces Moonlight Sonata, and Mr and Empty Room in Limassol. Netta, Eshtonot and The Empty Room will be performed in Nicosia.

Moonlight Sonata  6’
Choreographer & Dancer: Ido Tadmor
Music: Beethoven

A sonata for music and dance that takes the dancer into a world of free endless movement and space. The creation lets the viewers interpret their own images of freedom and light…

and Mr 26’
Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Dancer: Ido Tadmor
Μusic: Alberto Shwarts

‘and Mr’ is a solo performance by Rachel Erdos. This work was commissioned by Ido who, after years working on his own material, was interested in picking a young up-coming choreographer to create a new work on him. ‘and Mr’ is an intense solo performance that deals with issues of loneliness and control. The work portrays a lonely man that lives in a dark, sad room and has to deal with aspects of identity, trauma, as well as coming to terms with not being young anymore. This creation gives the audience a glimpse of his social forgotten life, some memories of longing for love and friendship. ‘and Mr’ was premiered in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel and was performed in New York as part of ‘Cool New York 2012’ festival.

The Empty Room 26’
Choreography: Ido Tadmor
Dancer: Ido Tadmor, Mira Rubinstein
Μusic: Motzart, Puccini

The Empty Room was premiered last year in Israel during Ido’s celebration of his thirty years of international career. It is a comic - dramatic performance of a life time story of a couple dealing with life and difficulties, with love and fear through their own language and gestures. “All that energy was released in the Empty Room that Ido Tadmor created for himself and Mira Rubinstein, the right partner for the hilarious, nonsensical piece that revealed fresh, sharp colors, the likes of which we’ve never seen from him before. It was the first time Tadmor actually seemed totally loose, and for long moments he allowed himself to act like a fool without seeming to worry if he still looked gorgeous. Which he did… It was the best, the most enjoyable part of the evening.” (Ora Brafman - Jerusalem Post 09/2011)

Netta  6’
Choreographer & Dancer: Ido Tadmor

An abstract creation that deals with inner musicality and use of extreme lines and physique. It is an attempt to push the physical possibilities and expand the body limitation. Τhe piece is dedicated to Netta Tadmor, Ido’s mother....

Eshtonot  11’
Choregrapher: Ariel Cohen
Dancer: Ido Tadmor
Actor: Rotem Nacmani
Μusic: Johannes Brahms

....An expressive path of life experience with a unique use of movement and creativity.... ‘Eshtonot’ by Ariel Cohen, is an intelligent platform that creates a combination of visual effect and that of a musical and movement. Long lines are formed by the arms and legs, the body that is extruded and the head that reaches upwards to the sky. There is a sense of continuity to the eternal ethereal flashes of light and movements that disappear.
(Zvi Goren – The stage web site 09/2011)

Ido Tadmor
Ido Tadmor was the 2011’s winner of the highly respected “Landau Prize” in Israel for life achievement. Last year he celebrated his thirty years of international career. A lead dancer, choreographer, judge in professional dance competitions in Israel and elsewhere, artistic director of competitions and festivals. Ido Tadmor began his studies at the Bat Dor Dance School. Shortly afterwards he joined the Bat Dor Dance Company, and later on to BatSheva
Dance Company as lead dancer in many works created by famous choreographers from all over the world. Ido was invited to perform as a lead dancer in Lar Lubovitch, a well known dance company in New York. As a teacher, Tadmor has taught in leading dance companies in the world, and in famous schools in Europe-e.g. the Dance Academy in Rome and Artemis
in Amsterdam. During the past 3 decades Ido Tadmor has represented the State of Israel around the world as an “Ambassador of Dance”. Tadmor has been awarded several grants from numerous sources including The American Israeli Cultural Foundation, the Municipality of Tel Aviv, the Municipality of Haifa and other public bodies and foundations

Israel will also be presented in Nicosia, at the Pallas Theatre on the 30th of June

PALLAS theatre 22 410 181(reservations only at the day of the of the performance and www.rialto.com.cy)

Master Class in Dance House Lemesos by Ido Tadmor
29/6 - 09:00 – 10:30(tel. 25 34 06 18)
First part will be ballet bar for modern dancers and the second part
a repertoire movement .
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